By ReginaHack, 19 July, 2020

It used to be so simple. If you needed a load balancer in 2009 there was only one to choose from. Now there are three types in version 2 of Elastic Load Balancing.

The main difference between the two 'new' ones is the layer they operate on.

Elastic Load Balancing and OSI Layers

Image based on OSI Model - Wikimedia

By ReginaHack, 27 June, 2020

As I'm working on getting AWS certified, I'm always in need for a examples to play with new services. What better way to do it while also testing out the newest Drupal version?

Ever since I learned that one can host static websites on S3 I wanted to test it out, but I never had a good use- case. I also run a personal blog that was collecting so much dust it would have been a health hazard to even log-in to try and edit it. With a bit of time on my hands this weekend, I finally decided to just get started.

The Drupal setup is as follows: