By ReginaHack, 28 August, 2020

While talking and comparing personal blogs I realized that while my blog is lightning fast, it still has room for improvements. With taking on the next AWS certificate, I will definitely need a new playground. What could be better than trying to increase not only the way I setup Drupal to edit my pages, but also optimize the static site it outputs.

Let's start at the beginning. Here are my starting scores:

By ReginaHack, 19 July, 2020

It used to be so simple. If you needed a load balancer in 2009 there was only one to choose from. Now there are three types in version 2 of Elastic Load Balancing.

The main difference between the two 'new' ones is the layer they operate on.

Elastic Load Balancing and OSI Layers

Image based on OSI Model - Wikimedia

By ReginaHack, 28 June, 2020

One of the things I wanted to do is, have my formatted source code inside the blog articles styled in a different way. To support the community and Drupal9 fancy new things, I used the 'Olivero' theme originally. Now I had to create a sub-theme to be able to change things. Drush to the rescue!

lando drush generate theme

Drush lando olivero subtheme

By ReginaHack, 27 June, 2020

As I'm working on getting AWS certified, I'm always in need for a examples to play with new services. What better way to do it while also testing out the newest Drupal version?

Ever since I learned that one can host static websites on S3 I wanted to test it out, but I never had a good use- case. I also run a personal blog that was collecting so much dust it would have been a health hazard to even log-in to try and edit it. With a bit of time on my hands this weekend, I finally decided to just get started.

The Drupal setup is as follows: